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Prof. Tony Noble

Scientific Director | McDonald Institute

Professor (Canada Research Chair) | Physics | Queen's University

noblet@queensu.ca |

Searching for dark matter using the world-leading PICO experiment at SNOLAB. Students will experience a blend of hardware, software and physics analyses and participate in the design, construction and operation of new tonne-scale detectors.

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Prof. Levente Balogh

Assistant Professor | Engineering | Queen's University

levente.balogh@queensu.ca |

Behaviour of nuclear structural materials subjected to irradiation damage; x-ray/synchrotron and neutron diffraction techniques to characterise materials’ structure; developing special targets for proton irradiation to produce neutrons needed for particle astrophysics experiments.

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Prof. Joseph Bramante

Assistant Professor | Physics | Queen's University
Visiting Fellow at Perimeter Institute

joseph.bramante@queensu.ca |

High-energy and theoretical particle physics; dark matter physics; cosmology; stellar and galactic signatures of new physics.

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Prof. Ken Clark

Associate Professor | Physics | Queen's University

kjc5@queensu.ca |

Search for dark matter using the PICO experiment (SNOLAB); low-energy neutrino physics as part of the IceCube Collaration in the South Pole; neutrino-dark matter interations (PINGU sub-detector).

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Prof. Miriam Diamond

Assistant Professor | Astroparticle Physics | University of Toronto

mdiamond@physics.utoronto.ca |

Low-mass dark matter searches as a member of the SuperCDMS direct-detection experiment at SNOLAB; data acquisition, data quality management and low mass dark matter analysis.

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Prof. Guillaume Giroux

Assistant Professor | Physics | Queen's University

ggiroux@owl.phy.queensu.ca |

Dark Matter physics; Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs); deep underground experiments (SNOLAB); operation and data analysis of current generation detectors; design and construction of next-generation bubble chamber experiments.

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Prof. Matthew Leybourne

Associate Professor | Geology | Queen's University

ml164@queensu.ca |

Developing new analytical methods for ultra-low concentrations of trace elements, using solutions and lasers to understand geochemistry of fluids associated with ore deposits; developing new low-level determinations of trace materials in the presence of large quantities of detector media to aid in the purification process.

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Prof. Caio Licciardi

Assistant Professor | Physics | Laurentian University

clicciardi@laurentian.ca |

Neutrino physics with emphasis on low-background, low-energy experiments; search for neutrinoless double beta decay in liquid xenon (the EXO program); simulations, data analysis, and hardware development for the search for dark matter.

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Prof. Marie-Cécile Piro

Assistant Professor | Physics | University of Alberta

mariecci@ualberta.ca |

Search for dark matter and other rare events using the PICO experiment; development of new experimental techniques for low-background detector technology.

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Dr. Wolfgang Rau

Senior Research Scientist | TRIUMF


Searching for dark matter using the SuperCDMS detector at SNOLAB.

Prof. Alan Robinson

Assistant Professor | Physics | Université de Montréal

alan.robinson@umontreal.ca |

Direct dark matter observation using PICO bubble chambers and SuperCDMS detectors at SNOLAB; development of new calibration techniques for next-generation dark matter detectors.

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Prof. Simon Viel

Assistant Professor | Physics | Carleton University

sviel@physics.carleton.ca |

Software development for detector simulations; event reconstruction and data analysis for dark matter experiments; development of future large scale, low background experiments.

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Prof. Aaron Vincent

Assistant Professor | Physics | Queen's University

aaron.vincent@queensu.ca |

Examining observational data to understand the relationship between phenomena on the astronomical scale and those at the level of particle physics; exploring impact of dark matter on stars, how neutrino telescopes can help us discover new laws of nature.

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Prof. Peng Wang

Assistant Professor | Chemistry | Queen's University

wang.peng@queensu.ca |

Discovering potential detector materials and developing them into viable detectors.

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Prof. Juan Pablo Yáñez Garza

Assistant Professor | Physics | University of Alberta

j.p.yanez@ualberta.ca |

Neutrinos physics. Member of IceCube and SNO+. Special interest in neutrino oscillations, neutrinoless double beta decay and atmospheric neutrinos.

Prof. Yue Zhang

Assistant Professor | Theoretical Physics | Carleton University

yzhang@physics.carleton.ca |

Theoretical particle physicist interested in the nature of dark matter, the origin of cosmic matter-anti-matter asymmetry and the physics behind neutrinos.