The McDonald Institute’s goal of uniting the Canadian astroparticle physics community requires the participation and support of universities and research institutes across the country who are already doing excellent work in this area. The magnitude and scope of the McDonald Institute network will allow Canada to produce world-leading results and talent.

At the world-class research facilities in Canada, Canadian-led international collaborations are constructing world-leading experiments. This puts Canada in an enviable position with a cutting-edge research program. The McDonald Institute was founded to create an opportunity that will enable Canadian scientists to ensure their continued and enhanced pre-eminence in this field by obtaining maximum benefit from the current program while leading the science and technology developments that will be required for the next generation of world-leading experiments.

The partners in the McDonald Institute initiative include institutions from across Canada that are active in astroparticle physics research. This includes the following Universities, the founding members of the McDonald Institute:

The McDonald Institute is also strengthened through partnerships with institutes and laboratories across Canada, including: