Guillaume Giroux

Queen's University

Assistant Professor - Particle Astrophysics

After completing his PhD at the University of Bern in Switzerland, he started a postdoc there before beginning a second postdoc at Queen’s working on the PICO experiment as the data analysis coordinator. Guillaume’s PhD and first postdoc involved work on the EXO experiment, looking for neutrinoless double beta decay.

He is still part of the PICO collaboration as data analysis coordinator, and is also working on the temperature and pressure systems and detector research and development. Guillaume also recently joined the NEWS-G collaboration which is developing a new technology to look for low-mass dark matter particles, where he is interested in the low-background techniques they are using. In joining the McDonald Institute, he is excited about taking further leadership in current and future experiments housed at SNOLAB. He hopes these experiments will one day reveal the nature of dark matter and the mass of neutrinos.

Contact Information
Room 308C, Stirling Hall
Queen’s University,
Kingston, ON, K7L 3N6, Canada.
Phone: 613-533-6000 ext.75306


Q&A with Prof. Giroux

What is something in your career you are especially proud of?

“I am especially proud of my discovery of a new acoustic background discrimination technique in superheated liquid detectors. This made possible the use of large bubble chambers to search for dark matter.”

Why did you choose physics?

“I chose physics because I strived to understand how nature works.”

Something that might surprise your students?

“My second passion, after physics, is pizza making.”