The McDonald Institute is governed by a Board of Management who oversee the development and delivery of the organizational strategic plan, performance management, financial oversight and risk management, whilst overseeing policies, procedures, reporting and training for senior staff.

The Board meet regularly throughout the year to provide strategic guidance to its sub-committees and the management team.  The Board is also responsible for appointing the Scientific Director and approving the Managing Director, who together implement the strategic plan and move the organization towards achieving the vision and mission.  The Scientific Director (Dr. Tony Noble) is a permanent voting board member, who provides scientific leadership and acts as the principal administrator for the Institute.  The Managing Director (Dr. Donald Bedard) is the senior executive administrator for the McDonald Institute and oversees all knowledge translation, strategic and corporate affairs. Board members are identified through a nomination process involving all the official partners of the McDonald Institute.  Identified board members are approved by the Principal of Queen’s University (Dr. Patrick Deane).


Board of Management

Nancy Ross (chair)

Queen's University

Vice-Principal (Research)

Tony Noble

McDonald Institute
Queen's University

Scientific Director, Research Professor

Sandra Crocker

Carleton University

Associate Vice-President (Strategic Initiatives and Operations)

Tammy Eger

Laurentian University
Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health

Vice-President (Research), Research Chair in Occupational Health and Safety

Amir Fam

Queen's University

Smith Engineering and Applied Science Associate Dean (Research)

Jeter Hall


Board Member (SNOLAB)

Nick Mosey

Queen's University

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

Heather Woermke

Queen's University

Associate Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration)

Roger Moore

University of Alberta

Chair of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Alberta

Board Committees

Business Programs and Partnership Committee: Provides advice on the development of partnerships and approves policies and procedures regarding the disclosure, evaluation, and commercialization of McDonald Institute technologies.
Members: Jim Banting, Queen’s University; Kevin McDuffie, TRIUMF Innovations; Alexandra Pedersen, McDonald Institute; Melanie Robb, Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre; Kristin Spong, Mitacs; Edward Thomas, McDonald Institute

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee:  Oversees the implementation of an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion framework to increase the considerations, engagement and representation of under-represented groups within and across the activities and profile of the McDonald Institute.
Members: Nick Mosey (Chair), Queen’s University; Catherine Anley, University of Alberta; Andrea Gill, University of Toronto; Heather Frost, University of British Columbia; Sue Geffken-Graham, Carleton University; Heidi Penning, Queen’s University; Sally Booth (non-voting), Tri-Agency Institutional Programs Secretariat; Edward Thomas (non-voting), McDonald Institute

Faculty Appointments Advisory Committee ( Concluded ): Provided advice for faculty recruitment strategies and advertising and made final recommendations on the alignment of the proposed research program with the McDonald Institute mandate.
Members: Mark Boulay, Carleton University; Mark Chen, Queen’s University; Jens Dilling, TRIUMF, Carsten Krauss, University of Alberta; Christine Kraus, Laurentian University; Pekka Sinervo, University of Toronto; Viktor Zacek, Université de Montréal

Finance & Audit Committee: Supports the Board to ensure financial and organizational viability and sustainability. Responsibilities include overseeing financial affairs, reviewing board policies and financial oversight.
Members: Heather Woermke (Chair), Queen’s University; Donald Bedard, McDonald InstituteJoanna Carson, TRIUMF; Nada Haralovich, Carleton University; Kellie Hart, Queen’s University; Normand Lavallee, Laurentian University; Tony Noble, Queen’s University and the McDonald Institute; Michael Walesiak, University of Alberta; Donna Walker, University of Toronto; Greg Ridge (non-voting), McDonald Institute

HQP Advisory Committee: Guides the board on HQP-related investments, collecting feedback from the HQP community to guide both program design and identify in-demand HQP-related projects and produce networking opportunities to increase the connectivity of the Canadian Astroparticle Physics Community.
Members: Jeremy Savoie,Université de Montréal; Hussain Rasiwala, McGill University; Sarah Nowicki, McGill University; Zac Kenny (non-voting) McDonald Institute

International Scientific Advisory Committee: Advises on the research area priorities that fit with the McDonald Institute mandate, provides insight into new astroparticle physics research areas, gives updates on the progress of the next generation of projects in experimental astroparticle physics and Canada’s research position globally, and provides direction on the content for national astroparticle physics assemblies as we try to complement and maximize the efforts of our Canadian partners.
Members: Ken Clark (Chair), Queen’s University and the McDonald Institute; Asimina Arvanitaki, Perimeter Institute; Jodi Cooley, Southern Methodist University; Jeter Hall, SNOLAB; Aksel Hallin, University of Alberta; Reiner Kruecken, TRIUMF and University of British Columbia; Jocelyn Munroe, Royal Holloway University of London; Tony Noble, Queen’s University and the McDonald Institute; Aaron Vincent, Queen’s University and the McDonald Institute; Christian Weinheimer, WWU Münster.

Scientific Management Committee: Advises the board on the progress of McDonald Institute research goals and strategic direction, making recommendations for changes to better achieve those goals.
Members: Alan Robinson (Chair), Université de Montréal; Miriam Diamond, University of Toronto and the McDonald Institute; Edward Thomas, the McDonald Institute; Leah Graystone, NanoMedicines Innovation Network; Tony Noble, Queen’s University and the McDonald Institute; Heidi Penning, Queen’s University; Marie-Cécile Piro, University of Alberta and the McDonald Institute; David Sinclair, Carleton University; Clarence Virtue, Laurentian University; Lawrence Widrow, Queen’s University



McDonald Institute Administrative Organizational Structure

The Scientific Director (Tony Noble) is the highest Administrative level. Reporting to Tony Noble are the Associate Scientific Director (Ken Clark), Manager for EDII Capacity Development (Alexandra Pedersen), Programs and Operations Officer (Chineze Onuoha), Finance Officer (Nicholas Grona), Manager for Education and Public Outreach (Mark Richardson) and Associate Director External Relations (Edward Thomas). At the next level of administration, reporting to the aforementioned second-level administrators, are the Financial Assistant (Tracey McCourt), the HR & Admin Coordinator (Mariam Kumassah) and the Communications Officer (Zachary Kenny).