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Graduate Student Exchange Program – NOW OPEN!

Graduate Student Exchange Program, Open call for applications, 2023


This program allows graduate students at a recognized Canadian academic institution to travel and work with another research group for up to six months to gain experience and bring new knowledge back to their home research group. This opportunity is limited to applicants studying astroparticle physics or a related field being applied to the advancement of astroparticle physics. Funding will only cover pre-approved costs for travel and accommodations during the exchange. Application for partnership-development visits (of no less than two weeks duration) that could potentially lead to an exchange may also be granted.



Open to all graduate students studying astroparticle physics or a related field who are either enrolled at a Canadian academic institution and/or wish to visit a Canadian academic institution as part of the program. There is no restriction on citizenship.


How it works:

Individuals will prepare the application form with the assistance of their host institution for the exchange. The program will cover the costs of travel and accommodations during the exchange, however, there are a limited number of awards annually. A budget estimation form must be completed as part of the application, applications requesting retroactive coverage are not eligible. Funds will be distributed through a cost-recovery model, upon receiving compliant invoices.



Call for application opens: June 01, 2023

Applications will be reviewed quarterly, and notice of decision will be released thereafter (in August 2023, November 2023, February 2024). If your application is based on an exceptional opportunity that requires a shorter timeline for a response, please make a note in the body of the mail during your submission.