CAPSS 2022
Canadian Astroparticle Physics Summer School
May 8-13, 2022

Summer School Schedule

The  2022 schedule will be released closer to the school. Note, due to the SNOLAB tour occurring virtually, the schedule is different this year.

A detailed schedule for previous in-person schools is below. If you have any questions, you can contact us at summerschool@mcdonaldinstitute.ca.


3:00pm-5:00pm: Arrival of Students and Registration on Queen’s University campus
5:00pm-6:30pm: Tour of Campus
7:00pm-10:00pm: Icebreaker Dinner and Social Event


7:30am-8:30am: Breakfast (provided)
9:00am-12:00pm: Astrophysics and Cosmology of Dark Matter, Lectures
12:00pm-1:00pm: Lunch (provided)
1:00pm-5.00pm: Astrophysics and Cosmology of Dark Matter, Computer Labs
Evening: Dinner and Free Time


7:30am-8:30am: Breakfast (provided)
9:00am-12:00pm: The Basics of Dark Matter Direct Detection, Lectures
12:00pm-1:00pm: Lunch (provided)
1:00pm-5.00pm: Applications of Dark Matter Direct Detection, Experimental Labs
7:00pm-10:00pm: Public Outreach event, students encouraged to attend for dinner


7:30am-8:30am: Breakfast (provided)
9:00am-12:00pm: Neutrinos, Lectures
12:00pm-1:00pm: Lunch (provided)
1:00pm-5.00pm: Neutrinos, Experimental Labs


7:30am-8:30am: Breakfast (provided)
9:00am-11:00am: Virtual SNOLAB Tour
12:00pm-1:00pm: Lunch (provided)
1:00pm-4.00pm: SNO Masterclass
6:00pm-8:00pm: Banquet dinner

7:30am: Check Out of residences
7:30am-8:30am: Breakfast (provided)
9:00am-12:00pm: Cosmic Rays and IceCube
12:00pm-1:00pm: Lunch (provided)
1:00pm-3:00pm: Experimental Labs and presentations
3:00pm-4:30pm: Closing activity: students may leave according to their travel arrangements