CAPSS 2023
Canadian Astroparticle Physics Summer School
May 7-13, 2023

How to Apply:

For consideration, applicants must send their application package to:

This package shall include:

  • Subject line that reads “CAPSS 2023 YOUR_LAST_NAME FIRST_INITIAL”
  • Their most recent academic transcript (unofficial transcripts are permitted), including a list of classes you will complete by CAPSS (if not included in your transcript)
  • letter of interest (1 page maximum) outlining why you would like to participate in CAPSS; this must specify in what year the applicant currently is and whether you will have graduated by the time you attend CAPSS 2023.

These documents should be sent attached to the same email and respect the following naming convention:

– FirstnameLastname_Transcript.pdf
– FirstnameLastname_Letter.pdf

We strongly encourage applicants to submit PDF documents, but will also accept DOCX documents.

Additionally, applicants must arrange for one reference letter to be sent to Applicants should ensure that their referee specifies the name of the applicant their letter is for. It is highly recommended that the reference letter writer can speak to the applicant’s experience and work ethic in Physics or physical science courses, as well as any possible research experience. The letter writer should not be a fellow student.

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application, and we will only contact you regarding your reference letter if it has not been received by the deadline, so please inquire if you do not receive a confirmation.

The application period has been extended to Feb 17th, 2023.

Application packages must be complete and submitted via email to be considered. Late applications will not be accepted. Packages sent by mail will not be accepted. Once submitted, you will not be able to modify your application package.