Visiting Scientist Exchange – OPEN

Description: The Visiting Scientist Program offers reimbursable support for established researchers in astroparticle physics to collaborate at a Canadian host institution for 2 to 12 months. It aims to enhance Canadian research partnerships and welcome international expertise, providing up to three awards annually, each capped at $15,000 CDN. Eligible expenses include travel, accommodation, and subsistence, with specific guidelines for reimbursement claims. Applicants, holding a PhD and working in astroparticle physics aligned with the McDonald Institute’s goals, must not have their expenses already covered by other sources. The program encourages contributions to the host institution’s academic life and requires post-visit reports showcasing research outcomes for promotional use. Applications open annually on March 1.


Eligibility: Open to full-time astroparticle physics researchers authorized to manage research funds in a Tri-Council eligible post-secondary institution in Canada, seeking either: 1) partial financial support for a research-driven working exchange visit anywhere in the world with an aggregate duration between two and 12 months; or 2) partial financial support to host an international colleague’s research visit in Canada with an aggregate duration between two and 12 months.

How it Works: Applications must be submitted with a letter of endorsement from the host institution for the exchange. The program will cover up to $15,000 of the costs associated with the visit . A budget estimation form must be completed as part of the application. Applications requesting retroactive coverage are not eligible. Funds will be distributed through a cost-recovery model upon receiving compliant invoices.



Call for application opens: March 01, 2024

Applications will be reviewed immediately and a notice of decision will be released not later than 30 days after receipt of an application. Award letters will be issued until funds are allocated, at which point the call for proposals will close.