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Science North recognizes two new honourary life members

Dr. Douglas Hallman and Dr. Amadeo Parissenti are the newest  Honourary Life Members at Science North, Ontario’s original science centre which focuses on science education, outreach and communication.

The June 19th event also served as a fundrasier, raising over $15,000 for Science North and the North Cancer Foundation.

Our own Dr. Art McDonald introduced and spoke about the contributions of Dr. Hallman.

“Dr. Hallman was one of the founding members of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) scientific collaboration in 1985 and has worked tirelessly in many areas of the experiment, leading the Laurentian University scientific team,”

“He was communications director for SNO and collaborated with Science North on many exhibits including the original object theatre and the recent New Eyes on the Universe travelling exhibition. SNO owes a major debt of gratitude to Doug for his extensive contributions and I am really pleased that Science North is recognizing him as an honourary lifetime member.”

Doug Hallman speaks into a microphone from behind a podium. A large presentation is projected beside the podium.

Dr. Doug Hallman speaks after accepting his award.

A video Science North honouring Dr. Doug Hallman


Dr. Parissenti’s contributions to cancer research span over 20 years, having a great impact in patient care at North Cancer Foundation. He continues to develop clinical trials, launching an international trial this year. Dr. Parissenti is also an inspired educator, working with the next generation of Canadian doctors.

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A video from Science North honouring Dr. Amadeo Parissenti

Eight people pose together and smile.
Four people pose together and smile.
Five people pose together and smile.
Doug Hallman smiles while a person pins something onto his jacket.

Dr. Hallman receives his award.