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Introducing the Highly Qualified Personnel Advisory Committee (HQP-AC)

In an effort to strengthen a sense of community among early career researchers, the McDonald Institute has organized the creation of the inaugural Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) Advisory Committee.

The committee consists of eight HQP from across Canada, at various academic levels, recommended by staff and faculty for their dedication and passion for astroparticle physics and their community. The committee will provide input into the investments and program development for the HQP community through experience and peer recommendations. Simultaneously, the HQP-AC looks to connect the network with the wide range of opportunities available to them.
In early November, the McDonald Institute team analyzed the Canadian Networks of Centers of Excellence to gain an understanding of which models of HQP governance have shown effective engagement with their communities. Internal and external consultation followed in addition to a thorough literature review. For a lean and effective committee, eight leadership positions were created.

Screenshot of a zoom video call with the members of the HQP-AC

The community recommended members, and an internal election, among HQP, determined the committee positions. Benjamin Tam from Queen’s University was elected President, with Austin De St.Croix from the University of British Columbia filling the seat for Vice President. Soud Al Kharusi from McGill University was elected Director of Events. Karen Macías Cárdenas from Queen’s University was elected to the role of Director of Communications. The four remaining seats for regional representatives are held by Dilraj Ghuman (Queens University), Yi-Hsuan “Cindy” Lin (SNOLAB), Sharlotte MkHonto (Queen’s University) and Pietro Giampa (SNOLAB).

The vision for the inaugural committee is to establish the recognition of the advisory structure in hopes that an HQP lead election can take place in the upcoming year. The HQP elected to the committee will gain leadership and community development experience within the astroparticle physics network.


Join the McDonald Institute HQP Community on Discord

The McDonald Institute HQP Advisory Committee has created a community Discord!

This group is open to anyone involved in the Canadian astroparticle physics community and aims to provide a space to ask questions and have discussions about the various aspects of studying, working, and researching in the field. In the spirit of the Discord platform, there are also channels to share pictures of your pets and other social

Access the discord here: