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New McDonald Institute EDII Manager: Dr. Alex Pedersen (she/her) 

We’re very excited to announce the creation of a new position at the McDonald Institute: Manager for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Indigenization (EDII) Capacity Development. While preparing a new operating plan for the Institute, the administrative team recognized the growing need for a dedicated EDII role. Since its inception in 2017, The McDonald Institute has had a strong EDII mandate implemented through various programs and initiatives. Many of you will be familiar with the extensive EDII responsibilities that Dr. Alex Pedersen took on through her role as Business Development Officer. This work is extremely important to Alex, and it is with great fortune that we can welcome her to this newly created role.

If you would like to know more about the DEAP Tool at the McDonald Institute or connect with Alex about her new position, you can reach her at:



Alex has had a significant impact on the EDII mission at the McDonald Institute since joining the team in 2019. Her work implementing the Equity DEAP Tool for Faculty has played an important role in training and preparing faculty for more EDII programs and best practices. Indigenization and decolonization are increasingly relevant in our community, and Dr. Pedersen has been a guiding force of the McDonald Institute’s commitment to increasing awareness of Indigenous issues. Alex has also facilitated and participated in several student groups addressing EDII issues, such as the Queen’s Round Table Discussions, and supported the creation of the GEMINI-P group. Many of you will also know Alex to be extremely approachable, helpful, and dependable in helping community members with EDII issues.

The creation of this position will allow Alex to focus on the work that is most meaningful to her and where she feels she can bring the most value to the Canadian Astroparticle Physics Community.

This position recognizes a need within the community for someone to serve as a compassionate and caring leader in the EDII programs and processes.


Alexandra Pedersen is shown standing outdoors wearing beekeeping clothing

Alex holds a Ph.D. in Human Geography and continues to teach and conduct research as an Adjunct Faculty member as part of the Masters of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership (MEERL) program at Queen’s University. Alex’s research supports and documents the experience of Indigenous and non-Indigenous rights defenders who oppose Canadian mining company operations abroad. Alex is an active volunteer in the Queen’s and Kingston communities – she is the co-treasurer for the Queen’s University Association for Queer Employees (QUAQE) and the President of the Limestone Beekeepers’ Guild.