McDonald Institute Strategic Plan

The strategic plan for the McDonald Institute (for 2018-2023) is currently in development. The purpose of the strategic plan is to set the Institute’s Vision, Mission and Goals within focus areas for the next five years.

Discussion boards for the specific communities have been developed which include a series of questions designed to help the McDonald Institute Administrative Centre understand what you would want included in the strategic plan. Please add your comments and feedback under each question by hitting the ‘+’ sign directly below each question heading. You are also able to read others community members’ comments and provide feedback if you wish.


The following links provide access to the community specific discussion boards:

McDonald Institute Strategic Direction



Vision Statement

Enable the Canadian astroparticle physics community to excel nationally and compete
internationally with our world leading-scientific capabilities.


Invest in growing the Canadian community of astroparticle physics to catalyze vibrant international
research programs
Create a centre that brings together the critical mass of scientific and technical expertise in particle
astrophysics, cosmology, astronomy, detector development and low background techniques to lead
the next generation of experiments with international collaborations.
Translate knowledge through collaboration, relationships, and communication, to develop research
and engagement programs across regions, demographics and disciplines, nationally and
Inspire students and the general public through dynamic educational programs and captivating
outreach activities.
Innovate research and development in science, engineering and business.



The core values that guide the McDonald Institute strategy are:

  1. Research excellence without compromise,
  2. The capacity to learn is unbounded and should prepare students for lifelong success and
    spawn creativity and critical thinking,
  3. Engagement among academics, business persons and the general-public advances scientific
    literacy and innovation across Canada and the world,
  4. Creating a vibrant research atmosphere that fosters ingenuity, innovation, and creativity is
    essential, and
  5. Diversity and inclusivity of ideas and people.

Goals, Objectives and Strategies

  1. To lead the next generation of increasingly challenging experiments by creating a critical mass in astrophysics, cosmology, detector development and low background techniques that will:
    • a. Maximize the scientific output from the suite of experiments that are currently operational or under development; and
    • b. Develop new international scale experiments to expand universal understanding of particle astrophysics.
  2. Integrate learning of highly qualified people, students and the public in all initiatives through novel and interactive education, training and social mediums.
  3. Attract capital and operational funding to establish global-scale next generation detectors in Canada through international engagement, stakeholder support and knowledge translation.
  4. Actively collaborate with industry to facilitate knowledge transfer and subsequent innovation.
  5. To create a culture of equity in the science, administration and governance through engagement, participation and outreach.
  6. To maintain the excellence and integrity of the initiative through strong partnerships, governance and management.