Research Partnership-Building Workshops Program – Open

The Research Partnership-Building Workshops program aims to mobilize astroparticle physics researchers working in Canada by supporting novel workshops, training events, and short-term visits that either initiate or expand opportunities for eligible research or training partnerships.

Funding preference is given to activities that expand research networks internationally, but any activities meeting the “Core Application Criteria” below are eligible for funding. Applications should specify one of three streams for funding (via reimbursable voucher).


STREAM 1 – Novel Canadian partner-building activities (all participants’ primary appointments are in Canada) — awards up to $5,000 CDN reimbursement of eligible expenses

STREAM 2 – International participation in novel Canadian partner-building activities (10% or more of participants have primary appointments outside of Canada) — awards up to $7,500 CDN reimbursement of eligible expenses.

STREAM 3 – Canadian participation in novel, internationally located, partner-building activities (10% or more of participants have primary appointments in Canada) — awards up to $12,500 CDN of eligible expenses.


Core Eligibility Criteria:

– Research themes of proposed activities must align with the objectives of the McDonald Institute.

-Proposed activities must be novel – funding may not be used to support costs of normal-course events (e.g., experimental collaborations’ regularly scheduled workshops, recurring conferences, seminars, etc.).

-Applicants must have post-PhD academic appointments in astroparticle physics research at a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution.

Who can apply?

-McDonald Institute funded faculty members

-Faculty members with astroparticle physics research appointments at a Canadian post-secondary institution

-Postdoctoral fellows with an astroparticle physics research appointment at a Canadian research institution

How it works:

The applicant must provide a completed application form. A budget justification form must be completed as part of the application. Applications requesting retroactive coverage are not eligible. Funds will be distributed through a cost-recovery model, upon receiving compliant invoices.


Applications may be submitted at any time to The Institute commits to review applications within 3 calendar months of submission.

Please send all documents (Application Form, Budget Justification Form) to the Program Officer at with “Research Partnership-Building Workshops Program – [APPLICANT’S LAST NAME]” as the subject line.