Professional Development Opportunities

Thursday, May 28th, 2020
Discussion Topic: Group Discussion of Neural Networks and Machine Learning
Lead: Mark Richardson
Overview: As problems continue to require more data to solve, analysis of this data has become time-intensive. As a result, machine learning, the ability for a computer program to learn features of the dataset to expedite the analysis process, has become essential. From digitizing text, to classifying supernovae, and everything in between machine learning will play a huge part of the future of science. For this discussion session we will start a conversation about machine learning, both supervised and unsupervised, and then discuss neural networks in some detail. The format will be a discussion, where people can speak to their own experience implementing machine learning tools. Next week we will dive into some of the tools that exist and let people try them out at home. For this discussion, I encourage you to reflect on how you’ve used machine learning in your research etc. I also recommend the 3blue1brown series on neural networks:


Video of the session