McDonald Institute Postdoctoral Scholar Award

Description: The McDonald Institute Postdoctoral Scholar award is a one-year top-up for postdoctoral fellows at a recognized Canadian academic institution. The award recognizes demonstrated excellence across a broad suite of contributions to astroparticle physics research in Canada (e.g., leadership roles in the community, innovation, scientific contribution). This opportunity is limited to postdoctoral fellows in Astroparticle physics. The McDonald Institute will support up to five applications, with a maximum value of $15,000 CDN each for one year. This award does not constitute base pay but is a top-up of existing contractual amounts to reward exceptional performance.


The applicant must be a postdoctoral fellow in APP research at a recognized (Tri-Council funding eligible) Canadian academic institution
The applicant should have completed a Ph.D. within the last five years.
The applicant must either be working on a postdoctoral appointment or have been offered a postdoctoral appointment that will commence no later than January 22, 2023.
The annual base pay for the postdoctoral appointment must be declared in the supervisor’s letter of recommendation and be consistent with departmental norms at the supervisor’s institution.

Application process:
The applicant must provide the following:

  • A curriculum vitae of the applicant
  • Two letters of recommendation including one letter from the current or prospective supervisor and one letter from a researcher outside Canada within the astroparticle physics field who is familiar with the applicant’s expertise

Letters of recommendation should provide information on the applicant’s achievements and impacts, mentoring and leadership skills, and the applicant’s long-term plan to cultivating fair and equitable opportunities for colleagues in the field.

Application documents should be sent to with “MI PostDoctoral Awards – [Applicant’s Last name]” as the subject line.

Competition opens: September 1, 2022
Competition closes: January 22, 2023
Results Released: Early March, 2023