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CFI Major Science Initiative funding for SNOLAB

Funding for Major Science Initiatives (MSI) through the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) was announced last week for 14 Canadian research centres, including SNOLAB, the underground particle physics laboratory in Sudbury, Ontario.

The funding is being awarded in recognition of the ways that Canada’s scientific community has been able to adapt and respond to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers at SNOLAB, in partnership with TRIUMF in Vancouver, BC, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories in Chalk River, Ontario, and the McDonald Institute, have been instrumental in the Mechanical Ventilator Milano (MVM) project. The collective community expertise in gas handling and control systems used in dark matter experiments has contributed greatly to the design-to-manufacture process of the MVM ventilator, which is now in production. 

The quick response of Canada’s research institutions represents the community’s strength in collaboration and adaptability in this time of need demonstrating the multi-purpose practicality of the continued development of scientific communities in Canada.

The MSI investment will help keep Canada at the forefront of science and innovation and continue to show that Canada is one of the best places to work, learn, and collaborate on scientific research. 

Read the announcement from SNOLAB here,

And read the CFI announcement here.