MI-QUARKS Summer Program

McDonald Institute – Queen’s University Astroparticles & Research for Kingston Students Summer Program - FREE

This summer we will be holding a free afternoon enrichment program for keen high school students (including students graduating this June) that explore the life of a scientist and physicist. Over 12 afternoon sessions led by undergraduates and joined by scientists at the McDonald Institute, a small group of students will explore through hands-on activities a variety of content and practices that are part of the every-day job of the astronomers and particle physicists at the McDonald Institute. The goal of this program is to supplement the focus on scientific content in the classroom with the tools of the trade that are at the heart of actually doing science.

An example of skills and practices that may be touched on:

  • Inquiry,
  • Hypothesis forming
  • Experimentation
  • Data Analysis
  • Searching past research publications
  • Computer Programming
  • Presenting results

These skills will be covered through their application to physics content such as:

  • Fundamentals of Astronomy: Galaxy, Structure, Cosmology, Dark Matter
  • The standard model of particle physics: particles and how they interact
  • Neutrinos and DM from particle astrophysics perspective
  • The Nobel-prize winning SNO Experiment
  • Evidence of dark matter
  • The nature of neutrinos
  • The hunt to detect these elusive particles

Students will also get involved with research projects their instructors are working on. This involvement will contribute to the research being done here at Queen’s, and will be recognized.

NOTE: The program is entirely free for all participants.

Program Afternoons: Students will meet with their instructors over 6 weeks, ideally during Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (1:30 – 5:00pm) from July 9th – Aug 15th in Stirling Hall, 64 Bader Lane, Kingston, Ontario, K7M 3S3. Note, in your application email, please indicate any dates that may not work for you. This can be accommodated.

Program Conclusion: The summer program will end with a presentation by the students on their involvement in the research projects over the summer. This will be open for all to attend, including friends and family.

Application period has formally closed, but there are still some vacancies available for the school. We are thus taking applications until they are filled at which point this page will be updated: Please send a statement of interest to: Outreach@McDonaldInstitute.ca, and have a teacher send separately a letter of support to the same email address.

For more information, don’t hesitate to email Outreach@McDonaldInstitute.ca.