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Date: June 2, 2020

Time: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Tuesday June 2, 2020: 1:30pm-2:30pm EDT

Teaching Dossiers: An Essential Tool

Developing a Teaching Dossier is a great way to reflect on your teaching views, approaches, experiences, and evaluations. Creating and editing these documents is a great way to assess your own teaching, reflect on your pedagogical processes, and identify where you see room for improvement. Sections of a teaching dossier include a biographical overview, teaching philosophy statement, teaching strategies, experiences, teaching effectiveness (evaluations and feedback), professional development, scholarship, leadership, awards, sample syllabi, and more. A teaching dossier is ever-evolving, similar to a curriculum vitae or resume, however it is distinct as it focuses on current goals and relevant experiences and examples in teaching and learning within its typical 6-12 pages length. Join the McDonald Institute in welcoming members of the Queen’s University Centre for Teaching and Learning as they guide us through the basics of what is needed to complete a Teaching Dossier in preparation for your career.

The McDonald Institute would like to thank Andrea Reid, Nevena Martinovic, and Jasmine Djerbal from the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Queen’s University for their support and delivery of the Teaching Dossiers workshop.

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