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Qinrui Liu (Queen’s)

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McDonald Institute Seminar Series

Date: November 11, 2021

Time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Speaker: Qinrui Liu (Queen’s University)

Title: The Origin of High-Energy Cosmic NeutrinosAbstract: Neutrinos of cosmic origin are excellent messengers to investigate the Universe. The IceCube experiment discovered TeV-PeV neutrinos of astrophysical origin which opened a new window to the Universe, allowing us to explore astrophysics and fundamental physics. One of the missions comes afterwards is to identify where those neutrinos come from, which is an important piece in solving the mystery of cosmic-ray accelerators. In this talk, I will discuss the search for their astrophysical sources, emphasizing the efforts to identify Galactic sources.  Besides astrophysical processes, the origin of these high-energy cosmic neutrinos can also indicate physics beyond the standard model, such as the nature of dark matter.

McDonald Insititute seminars bring together experimental and theoretical astroparticle physicists and astronomers. They are held approximately fortnightly, September to November and January to March, and on an ad hoc basis outside of term. They currently take place on Thursdays at 3:30 PM in STI 501 and/or on Zoom. Contact Aaron Vincent if you would like to attend.