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Academic Mentorship: A Beginner’s Guide

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Date: March 16, 2022

Time: 2:30pm - 4:00pm

Recording and Materials will be available soon. 

Mentorship is a crucial part of professional development, yet we rarely have conversations about how to do it well. In this workshop we will reflect on the qualities that make someone an effective mentor and discuss strategies to cultivate these qualities in ourselves (for mentors), or to identify them in others (for mentees). We will also cover tools for building and maintaining a strong mentoring relationship and talk about what we can do together to cultivate a community where everyone has access to high-quality mentorship.

Speaker information:
Sarah Dawson (workshop lead) completed her PhD in computational soft condensed matter (squishy) physics at McMaster University in December 2021. During her PhD she wrote code to model the properties of polymers, and also taught and mentored new physics students. She joined the McDonald Institute as a coordinator for the (Un)Hacking Downstream Consequences Event, for which she developed and delivered a mentor-training workshop and provided support to the mentors.

Terry Bridges (workshop assistant) is currently in his 6th year as a professor at Okanagan College in Kelowna, BC, where he teaches first- and second-year physics and astronomy courses. Terry has PhDs in Astrophysics and Education from Queen’s University and has previously worked as a research astronomer in the UK, Australia, and Canada, and as a high school physics teacher in Ontario and Istanbul. Terry recently supported the McDonald Institute’s (Un)Hacking Downstream Consequences event with Sarah as a co-facilitator team.



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