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Artist: Chrissy Poitras Title: "An Unseen Heaviness"

About the project:

Scientists have strong evidence for the existence of dark matter. There is something out there in the universe that is having gravitational effects on galaxies, galactic clusters, and even the way we see the light through gravitational lenses. The effects cannot be explained by any particles or forces known today. This is why it is such an interesting area of physics research, and also why it is so inspiring for artists. Dark matter has yet to be seen, detected directly, and identified, but it is all around us, in our galaxy, and throughout the universe. In fact, calculations suggest that it makes up most of the matter in the universe!

Art has the unique ability to explore the invisible and unknown with absolute freedom. Art allows us to feel our emotions in different ways and offers new perspectives on things we think we know. We invite you to explore dark matter science in your own uniquely creative way and share it with others doing the same, here.

The Drifting Together Gallery is a program of the Drift: Art and Dark Matter residency and exhibition project generated by Agnes Etherington Art Centre, the Arthur B. McDonald Canadian Astroparticle Physics Research Institute and SNOLAB.  Artists Anne Riley, Nadia Lichtig, Josèfa Ntjam, and Jol Thoms were invited to make new work while engaging with physicists, chemists and engineers contributing to the search for dark matter at SNOLAB’s facility in Sudbury, two kilometres below the surface of the Earth.

See the virtual version of the DRIFT exhibit here.

For Drifting Together art and physics educational resources for grades 7-12, please contact Dr. Mark Richardson at mark.richardson@mcdonaldinstitute.ca


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