Ian Doktor

PhD Candidate, Secondary Education

CDI Summer Intern, 2021


Supervisor: Marie-Cécile Piro
Home Institution: University of Alberta
Project Affiliations: University of Alberta

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About Ian

Ian Doktor is a Doctoral Student at the University of Alberta in the Faculty of Education.  His research is focused on Scientific Literacy and Argumentation in secondary science classrooms and ways to encourage students to use scientific thinking in everyday life. He has been a classroom teacher for nearly twenty years teaching Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in Canada, Mexico, Japan and Hong Kong.  His hobbies include Astronomy, Taekwondo, and Jigsaw Puzzles.

Project: Development of teaching tools for high school particle physics projects

To help bridge the gap between university research, and high school physics education, Ian developed citizen science projects, classroom resources and professional development opportunities that will highlight current and past particle physics research in ways that support curricular integration.


Ian’s CDI Experience


"The researchers I've had the opportunity to work with have exceeded all my expectations; they are intelligent, thoughtful and extremely helpful."


The physics sometimes presents challenges in the context of the project; it is sometimes difficult to find ways to link astroparticle physics research to high school learning objectives.