Abrar Islam

BSc student, Chemical Engineering

CDI Summer Intern, 2022


Supervisor: Marie-Cécile Piro
Home Institution: University of Alberta
Project Affiliations: University of Alberta

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About Abrar

Abrar Islam is upperyear undergraduate student at the University of Alberta in the Chemical Engineering CPC co-op program. Abrar brought his knowledge of distillation and stripping columns to the proposed project. Prior to applying for the Cross-Disciplinary Internship, he took a course on Equilibrium Stage Processes which focuses on the design of separation processes. Abrar had also previously used simulation software, such as VMGSim, which was useful when designing the column and testing process accuracy.  

Project: Radon Removal by Distillation and Stripping for Rare-Event Experiments.

In this research, the main target was to find a way to determine the Henry’s Law constants for stripping configurations involving radon and other gases since the values do not exist.  

To learn more, watch the video Abrar created to give a general introduction to astroparticle physics and dark matter and then moves onto the research on contaminant mitigation in rare-event experiments. Radon removal by distillation and stripping is briefly explained, followed by the research progress. Finally, the effect of cross-disciplinary measures in problem-solving are illustrated. 


Abrar’s CDI Experience


"My favorite experience is the Knowledge Mobilization Plan since it is a brilliant way to bring forth complicated topics to the general public in a fun and easy way which would encourage people to learn more about Astroparticle Physics and Cross-Disciplinary Research."

I gained knowledge regarding a lot of interesting topics in Astroparticle Physics which I did not have much prior idea about. I was also able to further my knowledge regarding my discipline of Chemical Engineering because the research required me to delve deeper or recall topics learnt a long time ago. Moreover, it was enjoyable to work on simulations and experience some lab experimentation as well.