HQPAC 2023 – Call for Members!

The HQPAC (Highly Qualified Personnel Advisory Committee) is gearing up for the next academic year: 2023-24 and is looking for members!

In 2021, the McDonald Institute analyzed the governing committees within the Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence to understand models that supported effective community engagement. Based on this research, eight HQP formed the inaugural HQP advisory committee. Over the last year, the committee worked alongside the McDonald Institute to provide programming and training opportunities to the HQP community, such as MInteract and EIEIOO.

This year’s committee will consist of HQP from across Canada, at various academic levels who wish to dedicate some of their valuable time to the community. The committee will provide input into the investments and program development for the HQP community through experience and peer recommendations. Simultaneously, the HQPAC looks to connect network members to the wide range of opportunities available to them.

We are hoping to have at least one member from each of the McDonald Institute partner institutions on the committee. More are welcome to join, but we will only have one voting member at a time from each institution.

The HQPAC will have an annual operating budget with which they can access to support programming and committee-led initiatives.

Serving on the committee is a fantastic way to become more engaged with the HQP community across Canada and develop leadership, team building, and project management skills, as well as make great and lasting connections with others on the committee.

If you are interested in joining the HQPAC, you are highly encouraged to contact Zac Kenny at communications@mcdonaldinstitute.ca.