Why Astroparticle Physics

Astroparticle physics is a relatively new field of science, bringing together lab experiments, astronomical observations, theoretical physics, and computational physics. By using approaches from these different areas, astroparticle physicists can combine knowledge in new ways and gain a different perspective on the mysteries of our universe. Canada has already established itself as a global leader in astroparticle physics, and our Canadian Astroparticle Physics Community brings together research groups in different disciplines to create a collaborative environment for future growth and leadership. Read More

What is working in Astroparticle Physics like?

Read the day-to-day work, career trajectories, and experiences for all levels and types of positions, including undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, engineers & research support staff across research groups and institutes specializing in experiment, theory, and computing. See the variety of work and experiences awaiting you with our unique community opportunities that span disciplines and emphasize collaboration.

What can Astroparticle Physics do for you?

There is an abundance of jobs both in Canada and globally across all sectors and industries that are available for our alumni, thanks to the unique skill sets and opportunities we provide them. The Canadian Astroparticle Physics Community provides the distinct advantage of being engaged with industry, which further propels our personnel forward in their careers. Don’t take our word for it, check out a synopsis of the opportunities that working in Astroparticle Physics unlocks.

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