What can Astroparticle Physics do for you?

Astroparticle physics is a diverse and expanding discipline. Our network boasts researchers at all levels from across STEM, and we cultivate a community where theorists and experimentalists work together to tackle the universe’s big questions. Working in a diverse and supportive environment expands your skillset – preparing you for your next career move or next big project.

Every research group is different, and brings different skill sets to the Canadian Astroparticle physics community. Overlapping skills you can expect to improve and create by joining any group in our network include:

Proposing, designing, executing, and reporting on research projects

Organization and task prioritization

Strong quantitative, analysis, and problem solving

Academic and formal writing and communication

Working independently and as part of a team

Depending on your area of interest, you will also develop the following skills:

  • Designing, building, maintaining, repairing, and documenting experiments
  • Leading experiment and research training and associated documentation
  • Hardware-software interfacing
  • Data extraction, summarization, prediction, correlation and regression analysis
  • Designing, building, and maintaining software and electronics systems
  • Designing and vetting models
  • Understanding of theory, principles, and statistical aspects of mathematical modelling
  • Designing and improving advanced simulations of complex systems
  • Programming in Python, C++, Fortran, MATLAB, and other high profile scientific coding languages
  • Strong aptitude in mathematics, optimization problems, abstract physical theory, classical mechanics, particle physics, astrophysics, and astronomy

With the skills from working in astroparticle physics, you meet a wide range of job criteria. This positions you to continue your career in astroparticle physics, work in industry, or move into a completely new sector. Our goal is to prepare you for whatever you want your career to be – whether that is staying in our network or moving on to something new, we are here to support you.

Check out the job market for some of the skill sets above, or take a look at where our alumni have gone by connecting with our network.