Graduate Position, TRIUMF – Low light detection

Graduate Position, TRIUMF – Low light detection

A photo of the Andromeda Galaxy. Photo credit: Bryan Goff.

This position represents an open-ended call for applicants. Applications and communications from qualified, interested candidates are welcome at any time. The position will be removed when it has been filled.

This position is open to those with or finishing an undergraduate degree in physics, engineering, or related equivalent who have a strong interest in optics hardware design and development. This opportunity is flexible in term, and may be a 2 year Master’s of Science (MSc) or 4 year Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) position depending on the interest of the successful candidate.Domestic and International candidates are welcome to apply.

The successful candidate will work on the development of a photon-to-digital converter under the supervision of Prof. Fabrice Retière at TRIUMF in Vancouver, British Columbia. On-site work will be a major component of this position, and the project includes working with state of the art optical equipment and cutting edge light detection methods.

The potential project would include the design, development, and testing of a back-side illuminated photon-to-digital convertor for the detection of in-vacuum ultra-violet light created through scintillation.

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Fabrice to begin the application process. Please note that the deadline to apply for Fall semester acceptance is April 1, but applications are welcome at any time.