Graduate Position, Queen’s University – LiquidO

Graduate Position, Queen’s University – LiquidO

A photo of the Andromeda Galaxy. Photo credit: Bryan Goff.

LiquidO is a new detector concept in which a diffuse scattering opaque “liquid” scintillating medium is readout by wavelength shifting fibres. This novel technique enables powerful particle identification and strong background rejection. LiquidO has very promising sensitivity for many neutrino physics measurements that benefit from scintillator with very high loading. This is because the transparency requirement for the scintillator can be relaxed.

This position represents an open-ended call for applicants. Applications and communications from qualified, interested candidates are welcome at any time. There may be more than one position available under this opportunity, and multiple graduate students may be accepted at the same time depending on qualifications.

This position is open to those with or finishing an undergraduate degree in physics, or related equivalent who have a strong interest in neutrinos and novel neutrino detection experiments. This opportunity is flexible in term, and may be a 2-year Master’s of Science (MSc) or 4 year Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) position depending on the interest of the successful candidate.Domestic and International candidates are welcome to apply.

The successful candidate will work on LiquidO under the supervision of Prof. Mark Chen at Queen’s University. On-campus work will be a major component of this position, and the project includes research and development, experiment strategy, and design.

The LiquidO project is a novel scintillating detector technology that is in its investigative phase. This project would include designing, building, and testing a prototype detector and collaborating internationally to build a 5-tonne detector at the Chooz nuclear reactor complex in France.

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Prof. Chen before applying. You can find how to apply to Queen’s University for graduate positions here. Please note that the deadline to apply is December 15, 2021 for Fall 2022 acceptance, but applications are welcome at any time.